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Class, Style and Comfort

So Fancy is a unique fashion brand, which specializes at designing and sewing top quality dance wear for both: women and men. The brand is a revolution on Polish market - it's created by dancers and for dancers.

All designs at So Fancy come from Marta Fiedler - first soloist of Polish National Ballet, who is also known as a costume designer for ballet performances such as Adagio & Scherzo and Bolero by Krzysztof Pastor or Alice in Wonderland by Jacek Tyski. In So Fancy she teams up with Pawel Koncewoj - also first soloist of Polish National Ballet, here responsible for marketing and brand development. The duo doesn't know what the word "compromise" means, specially when it comes to quality, so they work only with the best suppliers. The fabrics that are used for production of So Fancy dance wear come from Italian brand Carvico - they breathe, are soft to the skin and very comfortable.

You know what you are buying!

Each and every item made by So Fancy is made-to-order, personalized and adjusted to special needs of the client. It's the only dance wear brand in Poland, where you can not only choose the style of your perfect costume, but also mix and mach the colors and patterns as you wish!The effect of your personal combination is visible right away on the website - we don't want you to be disappointed or surprised when the item arrives to your home.

You are only 4 steps away from your perfect dance wear!

1. Select the style of your item in Women or Man section and tap in your size.

2. Select the colour or pattern in the FABRIC section.

3. Make an order and payment.

4. Follow your order - we will keep you informed on stages of preparation.

The time of delivery of your order is determined by the fact how sophisticated your selected style is and by availability of the selected fabric. Waiting time is from 3-6 weeks

Marta Fiedler

First soloist and ne of the brightest stars of Polish National Ballet. The most recognizable ballerina in Poland. Her career has started in Poznan, her home town, which she has left in 2004 to start her adventure with Grand Theatre - National Opera in Warsaw. Overwhelmingly beautiful, talented and full of energy, she has created memorable parts in both: classic and modern ballet. Heroines such as Kitri, Queen Diad, Gamzatti, Tatiana, Anna Karenina, George Sand, Maria Magdalena, Hermia, Egina, Ozylda, Eva-Noemi (to name just a few) all had her face. She has worked with world-wide famous choreographers: Balanchine, Ashton, Cranko, Neumeier, Kylián, Forsythe, van Schayk, Eagling, Ejfman, Ratmansky, Bart, Fodor, Gat, Page as well as with top Polish creators: Drzewiecki, Pastor, Wesolowski, Konwinski, Rozycki, Mikolajczyk, Klauzner, Przybylowicz, Tyski and Bondara.

She is known to Belgian, Scandinavian, French, Spanish, Lithuanian, German, Russian, Chinese and American fans of ballet. Among many prizes and awards for her skill and talent, she has been honored by one of the most prestigious awards in Poland: Silver Medal Gloria Artis for artistic imput into development of Polish ballet scene.

Right next to dance, Martas biggest passion is fashion. She likes to experiment with styles and patterns in her private life, but most of all - in Poland she is already well known and respected for her work as ballet costume designer. No wonder that other dancers love to dance in clothes designed by her - after all who knows better what is as impressive, as comfortable to move in, than a top ballerina?

Pawel Koncewoj

First Soloist of Polish National Ballet. Born in Berezyna, in Bielaruss. His ballet career started in Minsk, where he had his first dance lessons. His talent and skills were shaped in Academy of Art and Culture in Krasnodarsk and in Ballet Theatre of Krasnodarsk, where had the opportunity to learn from the best - world-wide famous Russian choreographer Jurij Grigorovich, with whom Pawel danced on stages in Russia, France and Spain. In 2007 Koncewoj come to Poland, where he has found his new home. Here he has achieved the highest level in ballet - the one of the first soloist.

He has danced in all of the most important ballet performances, such as Don Kichot, The Nutcracker, Romeo and Juliet, Sleeping Beauty, Bajadera, The Swan Lake, Cinderella, Midsummer Night, Tristan The Storm or Hamlet. He has danced in ballets created by top choreographers such as Waclaw Nizynski, Maurice Béjart, Patrice Bart, Emanuel Gat, Ashley Page, Ed Wubbe, Alexei Ratmansky, Krzysztof Pastor, Emil Wesolowski, Andrzeja Glegolski, Gustaw Klauzner, Jacek Tyski or Robert Bondara.

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